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Often referred to as “overhangs”, awnings have their special category in Sign Industry. Awnings are generally ordered to be placed above windows, doors or other specific area above a sidewalk. They are mostly made of polyester or cotton yarn, composed also of canvas woven o acrylic and laminated to polyester fabric which is commonly stretched over a skeleton generally made of steel, iron or aluminum. If columns are added to an awning, it becomes a canopy and it is generally used above the entrance of big buildings, like mall or hotels.

Texas Signs has a series of tips that can help you make the best out of the awning you order from us. You can trust the quality of our products which means that our awning can be placed even in locations where wind current are normally very powerful and you don’t have to take them down even during the winter. We can build retractable awning if you wish not to expose them to more harsh weather conditions.

Our aluminum awnings are very popular because they can even be used in more residential areas, being a combination of style and good taste with some decent advertising potential. The benefit of opting for awnings made by Texas Signs is the weather factor which seems to be the number one reason why people are skeptical of ordering such a product.  When you own something like a pub or a restaurant where people have to go outside and smoke, during the summer it can cause a huge inconvenience for your clients. With our awnings, you can provide a temperature that can be 20 degrees cooler compared to standing in the sun’s rays.

Even more, while you are advertising your brand, you will be preventing the heat from entering your local thanks to its capacity of preventing the sun from shining through the windows or glass doors. Think about how this is not only useful for keeping a cooler ambiance inside your location, but it also increases the durability of your furniture since it is safe from being exposed to the sun for too long.

Texas Signs can create awnings from a wider range of materials, in the color of your choice and including the text size and fonts that you wish to opt for, making these awnings fully customizable upon the customer’s request.