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Benefits of Using Neon Signs for Advertising


Benefits of Using Neon Signs for Advertising

It can be challenging for a business to promote and advertise their products, especially in today’s competitive market. Sometimes, what works for other businesses might not work for yours. The cost of advertising is dependent on the preference and needs of a particular business and can be expensive or the cost may turn out to be greater that what you are reaping if it’s done incorrectly. This is the primary reason why it’s essential for a business to know the different advertising strategies and possibilities available. Neon signs are one highly recommended paraphernalia, ideally for situations where a business wants to start small and slowly.

Even though they fell out of favor in the in the 1980s and 1990s, the retro chic signs remain a popular choice for restaurants, retail storefronts and even service businesses. These signs can communicate information with urgency or style whether simple ‘open’ signs are used or any complex art installations are implemented. There are numerous benefits for a business when these signs are used for advertising:

Highly Durable

You are able to get your value for money because these signs are very durable and will last a long time. In general, the expected life of neon signs is ten years and even if they fail, it’s because of the wiring and not because of neon bulbs. In comparison to light bulbs, these neon bulbs will last longer.

Variety of Voltages

There are no specific requirements for neon lights. Any voltage range will suit these lights because only a small amount is needed by them. This means that every business can have a different range of styles, depending on their business. One doesn’t have to worry about voltage compatibility when installing these signs.

Energy Consumption

The use of neon lights has also been advocated by various environmental organizations because it is eco-friendly and their signage does not have to be changed frequently by the owners as it has a long life. This can decrease material waste to a considerable extent. Physical and chemical interaction of electricity with gas is how these neon signs work. This means that the power of charging a neon light bulb is not just relying on electricity. It has been shown through research that 70% of the electricity bill can be reduced with these lights.


A business has a lot of freedom to make different styles and designs because these signs are very flexible. It is possible to choose from a wide array of symbols, numbers, letters, shapes and sizes. Apart from that, there is a wide color palette to choose from as well.


Particularly at night, neon lights can be very appealing to the eye. If neon signs are used at the entrance of the established, most people will be captivated by the lights and this will lure them in. In addition, these lights are highly visible and can be seen from far off. It is easy to spot for potential and old customers too.

More importantly, these signs are also very cost effective so a business can use them effectively.