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Custom Signs

Advertising signs have become the highest competitor amongst other advertising methods. We consider it very effective due to their short content and straight to the point message. They can accommodate convincing pictures that are catching hence passing message to the target audience. They also sit for a humble period of time at where they are stationed, so that high number of audience can see them again and again till they are fully convinced and gain trust to try the product on the advert.

Some of custom advertising signs offered by Texas Signs Inc. are below:


You have opened a new restaurant in a small space though you have a spacious verandah that can accommodate more than 20 people. Don’t worry because we have got you covered. We do state of the art awnings that will surely get your customers flowing into the restaurant. Our team ensures that the awnings are colorful and maintaining your description. We give quality and reliable suggestions on what we think is marketable and fancy. We can also incorporate some advertising materials to the awnings for your maximum exposure.

2.Doors/Windows Signage

These are the new generation mode of advertising as it is seen. It may not reach to the maximum target audience but it will surely catch an eye of the pass byers. Texas signs will give you a wonderful design that is appealing to any one passing potential customers making them interested with the goods and services you offer.

3.Light Box Signs

These are used mainly used on dark places or displayed at night to either show the kind of goods and services offered or brand a particular business. Light box signs are colorful and can be seen from a distance.

4.Channel Letters

These apply mainly to the companies, industries etc. If a supermarket is in a hidden location where it is hard to view them either blocked by other building or trees; we offer a solution for it to be found easily, by displaying a nice and visible channel letters at either on the far end corner or at the highest point. Shopping malls have started adapting this mode of advertising by displaying channel letters for the shops found in the mall. These can also act as a directional approach for someone new in a certain location or either new to the mall.

At Texas Signs, we make sure that we create a unique, desirable advertising sign that will be appealing and profitable because we care about you. For our full list of services, please Click Here.