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Neon Signs

Using luminous tube lights to help a brand shine in front of the potential customer, neon signs are an extremely popular choice amongst our clients.

Here at Texas Signs we take pride in the durability of the neon signs that we build, which means that purchasing your neon sign here can provide long years of usability. In general, neon tubes imply a lot of labor in their manufacturing process, but this is compensated by the long-life time of the product. If you opt for a tube diameter, which is smaller than the regular one, the intensity of the light will grow more powerful, making your neon signs brighter.

The team at Texas Signs knows that the reason why 80% of the neon signs fail is because of the high voltage electrical wires that are use to connect the tubes which often burn out. This is why our neon signs are made of bright LEDs that prevent such burnouts from happening. The tubes of your choice can be bent to almost any shape, meaning that you have full control of the sign’s shape.

One of the main benefits of the neon signs is the high number of voltage options that you have at hand. Such structures are extremely flexible and very efficient in terms of power consumption. Depending on the neon colors of your choice, they are extremely attention drawing.

And since we also take pride in building products that are friendly to our local environment, our neon signs are also eco-friendly as well. They can be used in public places and openings where other forms of advertising are either difficult to set up or more costly. They don’t emit hazardous radiations compared to other sources of light. They are also easier to read in difficult weather conditions such as rain or fog, making them more visible even from long distances.

Neon signs can be used for either commercial or home decoration purposes. They are often the number one choice of restaurant, pub or bar owners, but also a top choice for commercial business stores.