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Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letter signs are the way to go when you are interested in a distinctive approach to the signage program preferred by your clients. Reverse channel letters are those used for signage clients who are known to appreciate a prestigious image. The name which is also used in the case of these channel letter signs is ‘hallo lit’ letters.

The way in which reverse channel letters are produced at Texas Signs is by using aluminum. The letters need to be moved away from the wall in order to create a halo behind the letters. Another advantage worth being mentioned at this stage is the fact that a polycarbonate type of back enables those using them to prevent animals from making nests inside it. Reverse channel letter signs produced by Texas Signs are very advantageous because when using them you can choose any font style according to what you need or prefer, a 3.5”.063 aluminum returns as well as .090 aluminum faces. LED illumination and 1.5” standoffs are also advantageous features of reverse channel letters created by us.

Furthermore, reverse channel letters are also advantageous to be used because nonstandard letters can be fabricated according to clients’ specifications. In the case of channel letters there are used only the highest quality materials together with good components in order to produce the best possible signs according to clients’ needs and preferences. Good materials are essential to be used in order to produce what clients need because this is the main aim of everything specialists do, to create what their clients need and require.

Reverse channel letters as well as reverse channel numbers can be considered for use both for interior and exterior signage. Reverse channel letters are cut from sheets of alloy stainless steel coated with titanium; They are laser cut from stainless steel for numerous sizes. Specialists at Texas Signs guarantee that their way of using reverse channel letters represents a great alternative to flat cut metal type of letters mainly due to the fact that they are lighter and offer more options when it comes to dimension. Al their reverse channel letters come with lifetime guarantee. These letter signs are perfect for neon lighting and LED. All these channel letters are unique custom handmade type of letters. Texas Signs offers custom type of logos and styles. You have a great variety of options to consider for use.

Reverse channel letters offered by Texas Signs are great alternatives for everyone interested in a distinctive approach to signage programs.