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The Types of Outdoor Signs for Advertising Purposes


The Types of Outdoor Signs for Advertising Purposes

An effective promotional method that can be used by a business for the purpose of advertising is via signs. It is possible for a business to reach a large number of people at once with the aid of outdoor signs, especially if the sign has been placed in the right location as it will generate huge amounts of traffic for the business. Nonetheless, before a business purchases advertising space for an outdoor sign, it is recommended that a myriad of factors such as location of the sign, costs of the sign, the traffic patterns and the content of the sign are considered. Marketing and advertising companies can be very helpful in assisting a business in the initial planning stages of outdoor signs.

A business can use a plethora of outdoor signs for attracting a large number of customers. Read on to know about the different types of outdoor signage that can be conducted by a business.

Mobile Advertising

A relatively new way for advertising a product, service or even a business is mobile advertising, but it is catching on pretty quickly. Space can be purchased on the back or sides of a mobile advertising truck, which can ensure that your sign is carried through highly populated areas and will advertise your business effectively. Moreover, mobile advertising trucks don’t use the same ad on both sides of the truck. Two or more ads can also be used on either side, which rotate and make the advertisement prominent to the viewers. Mobile advertising companies usually take their trucks to highly populated events, park in places where people will notice it and drive through highly populated areas.


Billboard advertising is also an effective method of promotion because these billboards are usually located near high traffic areas and major highways. In fact, digital billboards have become all the rage nowadays. As compared to regular billboard ads, the digital ones are brighter and crispier and they can also rotate with other ads for making the outdoor signs more noticeable, especially to motorists driving at a moderate speed. Passengers in cars also pay special attention to these billboards.

Sandwich Boards

Businesses that are located near other businesses can use sandwich boards effectively because they inform potential customers about the new deals that are being offered by a particular business. This type of sign is commonly used by restaurants to inform passer-by of the daily specials or even to display the menu. This form of outdoor sign is very convenient because it can be pulled in when the business is closed and placed outside when its open.


This type of outdoor sign can be used, cleaned and then stored again for a future event. Banners can be hanged above the door of a location for informing people about the special deals or sales that are happening. Banners can also come in handy for notifying everyone about a significant event that might be taking place.

A business can choose any of these outdoor signs, depending on their product or service and the type of advertising they need.