Outshine Your Competition With Channel Letters Signs

If you want to create a prestigious branding image and increase footfall then custom channel letters sign first rate signage that works for all organization in various industries.


Channel letters add a professional touch as its associate with your customers and creates a long lasting impression. A combination of custom channel letters sign for your indoor and outdoor makes your branding more appealing. Custom channel letters are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor branding and serve an array of purposes as they are flexible in design, consistent with size and illumination. 

Indoor Channel Letters Signs:

Indoor channel letters signs play a key role to add an extra exposure to highlight the visual representation of your brand. Indoor channel letters signs are the best solution to showcase your office lobby signs  with brand name, logo and motto with elegance.

Outdoor Channel Letters Signs:

If you want to cut through the noise and outshine your competition in a crowded business area then outdoor channel letters signs will set you apart as outdoor channel letter business signs work 24/7 to grab the attention of the right customers for your business. They foster familiarity for your brand and increase footfall.

Front-Lit Channel Letters:

Front-lit channel letters is a type of signage that ensures long distance visibility for your company logo and name. They are commonly used for indoor and outdoor branding and gives an extra added advantage to your brand to increase brand visibility and awareness day in and day out. 

Reverse Channel Letters:

Reverse channels letters are effective for reaching out to your audience 24/7 as it adds extra exposure to your branding efforts. Backlit channel letters business signs are popular among many companies throughout all industries as it showcases your company logo, moto and brand message exquisitely. Here at Texas Signs Inc. we have the right team and expertise to deliver elegant reverse channel letter business signs for all sizes of businesses in Dallas, Texas.

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