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Simple and versatile, signages of all shapes and sizes can help in improving the brand presence. Signages are the most effective way of drawing the attention of your prospective customers. There is no questioning the effect and impact of signs and signages, be it outdoors or indoors, but the signs must be high-quality and have a professional finish. Texas Signs Inc. is one of the foremost companies in the signage business in Dallas. Our signs create an extraordinary impact on the onlookers and yet are affordable, durable, and long-standing.


Non-illuminated signs are versatile if designed and fabricated well.


The term explains the essence of the signages as these signs are not lighted or illuminated. 

There is no internal light source here. Creatively designed and made, the non-illuminated signs usually do not need any light to look good and eye-catchy. The color and the material used to make these signages are so impactful that they compensate wholly for the absence of internal light. Some companies choose to get the signages lighted by an external light source for great visibility at night.


Where are non-lit signs best-suited?


Suppose your office or store is located in a building or locality where illuminated signs are not allowed. In that case, you can choose to go ahead with non-lit signs, also, in almost all places, certain historic places where the authorities do not permit illuminations of any sort. For such places, too, the non-illuminated versions are good to go.

If your place has issues with electrical access, you might consider going in for Non-Illuminated Signages. Sometimes, the access is there, but the electric charges are too high, or the access is too overly complicated. In such cases, too, going in for the non-illuminated counterpart makes perfect sense.


If you are not sure of the non-illuminated signs and signages’ effectiveness, it is time to speak to one of our experts. At Texas Signs Inc., we offer a free consultation to be sure and convinced of the signage choices they make. We are a leading signage company in Dallas with a specialization in offering customized services.


Types of Custom Non-Illuminated Signs


Letter sets and logos are made from different materials like PVC, Aluminum, Acrylic, Stainless steel, etc.; they are cut out flat.


Awnings are structural mounts that you see on the top of a high-rise building. They are well-supported by an aluminum framework.


Wayfinding non-illuminated signs are the best way to help your customers reach you fast and effectively.


Wall signs that are non-lit use dimensional letters alongside exterior lighting to create a magical effect. You can find wall signs in the indoors and outdoors of business premises.


HDU signs usually come as wall-mounted or free-standing signages. Non-illuminated customized signs help in improving the visual appeal and style quotient of your business premises. 


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