Reverse channel signs at Texas Signs Inc.

Have you ever looked at illuminated outdoor signage that holds your gaze for eternity? You can instantly feel something distinctly different about the outdoor signs with a premium, high-class sophisticated feel to the signage. That is reverse channel signs.

These channel signs are not like the standard backlit or face-lit signs. It is a difference in the technology that is used for creating the illuminated effect. The lighted channel letters have a soft halo about them. The technique used is unique, and it is not the actual letters that are lighted, but the creation of a halo effect on the wall behind, projected from behind the reverse channel letters.

You find quite a few examples of such a true representation of reverse channel letters in TX. These are the finest examples of superior-quality rendition of evenly and softly illuminated channel letters. And, many of them have been rendered by Texas Signs Inc., one of Dallas’s leading local signage companies. Our experience with modern technology enables us to create perfect sync between reverse-lit and face-lit channel letters. 

We are experts in offering customized signage solutions and services to the commercial sector in Dallas. Our services range across modern and contemporary signages that add value to your brand. We first understand your exclusive business needs and requirements, and then accordingly, our proficient team advises you on the right signs that help elevate your brand presence.

Why should I use reverse channel letters for my business?

  1. Reverse channels elevate and enhance your branding.

If the backlit illuminated channel letters look too flashy and harsh, and that is not your brand’s personality, then we recommend considering reverse channel signs. The soft glow and feel of the signage make your brand stand out in the crowd.

  1. In the reverse channels, there is a comprehensive scope of customization.

Reverse channel letters are empowered with customization features. It is especially true for the color of the backlight. So, matching the colors of the light and the signage with that of your brand colors is not a complicated affair. And, if you wish to go a step further to combine face-lit and reverse-lit letters, even then, we are resourceful enough to find you the right colors to match your brand standards.

  1. Looks sophisticated

There are a timeless grace and charm about reverse channel letter. Make your presence premium and high-end by choosing the right signage partner. Texas Signs Inc. offers one-of-its-kind top-notch exclusive customized design options. We have years of hands-on experience to convert any design, style, or sign-in to appealing signage. 

Choose reverse channel signs for the grocery store in a shopping mall or a high-rise supermarket by the side of a highway. Such signs can immediately catch the attention of the passerby and put your store or brand right in front of prospective customers.

For the food and dining business, bars, premium discotheques, and high-end retail stores, reverse channel letters can help perfect branding. Have the best signage manufacturer in Dallas, Texas, work on your unique sign needs, and take your marketing to several notches higher.