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Texas Sign Company is located in Dallas. It is devoted to creating signage and graphics that bring attention to your business, encourage more people to become customers, and assist customers in traversing your facilities. Whatever you want to accomplish with your company, we have options for powerful signage to help you get there. We are excited to collaborate with you in the future!

The Texas Sign Company is pleased to announce that it has successfully cornered the market by delivering its customers the highest possible level of service. The experts employed by the signage firm excel in many areas, including the following:

  • Outstanding installation carried out in a timely way.
  • A comprehensive range of services for signs of every conceivable form and size.
  • Certified professionals who can be relied upon.
  • A significant proportion of satisfied customers.

Services Tailored to the
Individual For All of Your Signage Requirements

Every company is one of a kind, and it is essential that you demonstrate what makes yours different from the others in some way. With the support of our experts, you will be able to get signs that provide an excellent representation of your company and contribute to accomplishing your business objectives. Nothing matters to us more than client satisfaction, so we ensure to achieve it.

We’ll Help You Make The Best Signage

We provide powerful commercial signs without the premium cost many customers anticipate. By learning about your business’s needs and problems, we can develop great solutions, raise brand awareness, and bring more customers into your store while staying within your budget.

We are a signage company in Dallas. We use the most up-to-date tools and workshop space to make the best designs for you. Our team uses their knowledge to make professional and affordable signs for your business and brand.

We provide many different products, such as:

  • Custom Signs.
  • Wayfinding Signs.
  • Building Signs.
  • COVID-19 Signs.
  • Monument & Free-Standing Signs.
  • Business Hours Signs.
  • Custom Banners.
  • Custom Feather Flags.
  • Digital Signage.
  • Vehicle Graphics & Car Wraps.
Work Services

Interested in Promoting your Business

Our graphic designers can help bring your idea to life by creating unique ideas that use large-scale printing methods like screen printing and digital printing.

This was my first time using the Texas sign, and I must say it was fantastic. They are always very quick in terms of responding to my queries, and shortly after that, I received a quote. I booked them, and they turned out great.


We are a new business and needed them to create signage for us. We have given them many deadlines, and they have always been incredibly understanding and accommodating. We are quite happy with their professionalism.

Putin John

Texas sign has created numerous designs and visuals for my company over the past three years. Their team's creativity, work product, and customer service are all very good. They always meet my requests. Even if I have an urgent request, their turnaround time is excellent. I won't think twice about recommending them.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sign?

Signs can have a variety of purposes based on who they are for, what they are for, where they are for when they are needed, and how they are to be displayed.

There are numerous sign sizes and styles to pick from, ranging from small door nameplate signs to the extensive airport and arena signages. Honestly, it might be a little difficult to choose from so many signs. When that happens, you need a reliable sign company to assist you in sorting through your alternatives and creating and installing the kinds of signs that will be most effective for your company.

Do signs have an expiry date?

The lifetime of your signage varies according to its placement. For instance, the sign placed indoors will have a different expiry than the one placed outdoors. In addition to providing materials for long-term projects, we also use sign materials for immediate use. Whether your sign needs to be indoors or outdoors to withstand the extremes, our professionals will give their best to come up with solutions that fit your requirements.

How can you make sure your products are of high quality?

Our advisors are exceptionally talented, and they are well aware of developing a sign as per the client’s particular specifications. We look at the sign’s surroundings to decide which materials fit best. Our visual consultants regularly check and confirm project quality throughout the design and production process.

Aren't all sign businesses similar to one another?

Absolutely not! The market has seen a proliferation of “sign” companies enter it in recent years, making it an absolute minefield for potential customers to negotiate.

Although there may appear to be a wide variety of sign firms at first glance, the majority are only “graphics” businesses. They lack the fundamental engineering knowledge to build and produce suitable signs. Some businesses will take advantage of most potential clients’ apparent lack of in-depth sign knowledge.

Any “sign” business will sell you a sign, but an alarming number of them don’t understand the sign’s real goal or what it is meant to do for the client.

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