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Texas Signs Inc. is a complete signage provider that aims to equip every Texan business or organization with a highly attractive and highly effective outdoor signage system. As a business ourselves, we know the huge role that impressive and impactful outdoor signs play in business growth and brand awareness. We want to be a part of your business’s journey to success and we believe that our excellent-quality signage and outstanding customer service can help you get the attention, footfall, and sales that you need. We’re excited to be your Dallas partner for all your signage needs.


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Texas Signs Inc. is a complete Dallas signage provider and we are passionate about designing, creating, and installing high-quality outdoor signage that helps you get noticed, get remembered, and get higher foot traffic to your business. No matter what exterior signage you need—building signs, pole signs, storefront signs, awnings, dimensional signs, monument signs, vinyl banners, flags, or even car wraps—Texas Signs Inc. is here to get that done on time and within budget.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom outdoor window vinyl signs

Channel letters and dimensional signs are among the most popular forms of storefront signs for businesses here in South Dallas. They are wonderful tools to use if you’re looking to give your brand a modern, professional, and confident appeal.

The ones we create here at Texas Signs Inc. are designed and fabricated to convey and complement your branding style and business identity. From sign materials and substrates, to font styles and accessories, we are ready to give you channel letters and dimensional signs custom-crafted to draw in your target market and help them experience your business or organization’s brand even before stepping into your facility.

Channel letters and dimensional signs work for almost all types of businesses in almost all industries. They especially benefit those who want brand-coherent and highly customizable outdoor sign options.

Custom Sign Panels

Sign panels are signs made from rigid, durable substrates, digitally printed, and directly mounted or installed at the storefront of an establishment. The spectrum that signs panels come in is quite vast as they can be built with something as flexible and economical as corrugated plastic or as tough and pricey as premium-grade wood. The design and content on the panel are highly customizable and vary greatly from one business to the next.

Here at Texas Signs Inc., we make sure that you get the perfect sign panel for your business and we do this by making sure it’s personalized to meet your needs, taste, business objectives, and budget. We also keep a wide selection of panel options in stock. We’ve got wood, dibond, metal, and more for long-term usage, as well as foam core, acrylic, and coroplast for more temporary purposes.

Sign panels help businesses introduce themselves to their target market through outdoor signs custom-made for their brand and business. Tough, economical, and low-maintenance, custom sign panels are a great choice for small businesses, repair shops, warehouses, and manufacturing companies.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy and awning signs are quite popular for their unique approach to brand promotion, making full use of form and function. This actually makes them a good option for business looking to provide a great customer experience and an impressive first impression in one go.

The canopy sign and awning sign projects that we handle here at Texas Signs Inc. usually include printing out the business information on the portion most visible to passersby. This allows you to do brand promotion and at the same time, offering them some shelter from the sun, heat, or rain. That’s a pretty good reason for potential customers to step into your space, don’t you think?

Canopy signs and awning signs exude an appeal of exclusivity and class. So if you’re looking to these as a part of your brand identity, high-quality canopies and awnings to make that happen. Such businesses include jewelry stores, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, salons, etc.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

If strength and permanence are things that you’d want your brand and business to exude, then monument signs maybe a great outdoor sign option for you. Monument signs by Texas Signs Inc. engineered for long-term resilience, which is why we use tough material such as hardwood, metal, concrete, stone, etc.

We want your monument signs to not only impress your target audience, but to inform them as well. We carve, etch, sandblast, mount your business information on them to make this happen. We also personalize your signs and add the necessary accessories to it.

Monument signs are placed in areas where they get the most visibility, usually in front of business establishments. They’re also placed by the roadside as they often serve as landmarks to the business. They are a popular outdoor signage choice for churches, hospitals, schools and universities, government offices, hotels, and corporate buildings.

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