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Channel Letters

Considered one of the best means to have a brand stand out of the crowd, channel letters are extremely popular with global companies that are looking to raise brand awareness. Fabricated from aluminum to prevent rust, these 3 dimensional letters can easily take the shape of your logo or the letter that form the name of the company you wish to advertise.

Here at Texas Signs we believe in quality products that are built to last, so the flat sheet aluminum that we choose for our channel letter is cut using a special router controlled by a computer. Whether you choose to opt for basic or neon channel letters, you will be receiving a durable item which is capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather conditions.

Regular channel letters are first created by cutting the base and the returns (also known as the sides of the letter) are generally made after bending a strip of aluminum sheet which is generally 150 mm wide. Using advances welding techniques, Texas Signs can guarantee that the letter will remain in great condition even in area with unstable weather conditions.

Since we are aiming at always pleasing the wishes of our customers, you get to opt if you want the letters to be painted or if you want lighting components to be added. The main benefits that our neon channel letters provide is that they are resistant not only to several weather conditions, but also to vibrations and certain impacts and they illuminate using a light pleasant to the eye of the watcher. Not only are they durable, but their maintenance cost is also excellent, just as their power consumption.

Texas Signs will always follow the customer’s instructions and provide channel letters that meet the font of the regular brand, while using top-notch technology. This means that we can design the letters to look in almost any way you can think of. Regardless of what type of channel letters you opt for, Texas Signs will provide high quality materials in the fabrication process, excellent maintenance and personalization options as well as great customer service.