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Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted Signs

Traditional, opulent, and elegant. Few commercial signs can provide a first impression that is as strong and long-lasting as beautiful sandblasted signage.

The innovative and very efficient technique of abrasive blasting is responsible for the enduring appeal of sandblasted signage. In order to clean, etch, or carve a surface, sandblasting typically involves aggressively projecting a high-pressure stream of abrasive material.

Customized Wooden Signs

The Texas Sign Company sells exquisitely constructed sandblasted signs made of high-quality hardwood, with redwood and cedar being the most popular choices.

Even though wood is the more expensive material for a sandblasted sign, we think that its classic but timeless charm helps give onlookers and prospective clients the idea that your company is well-established, solid, and trustworthy.

Unique Sandblasted Signs

Outdoor applications frequently use the distinctive and robust sandblasted signs. They are created by engraving text and designs into a solid surface, like stone or wood, using a sandblasting technique. A deep and intricate engraving is produced on the sign’s surface by blasting abrasive materials, such as sand, onto it using high-pressure air. As a result, the sign is exceptionally resilient, able to weather the environment, and able to maintain its clarity and legibility for many years.

Full-Service Signage Company

The Texas Sign Company produces more than simply sandblasted signs; we walk customers through every step of the sign-making process to ensure that they are satisfied with the final product.

Do you have a design in mind already for a sign that you want to be sandblasted? That’s fantastic. Custom signs of any size and form may be made by our team of signage experts. It’s also not an issue if you don’t yet have a design. A group of creative artists at The Texas Sign Company can assist in creating sign designs that are most appropriate for your brand, your services, your target audience, and of course, your budget.

Free Professional Sandblasted Signs Consultation

We can make stunning Sandblasted Signs that support your objectives and help you get there. We are a local signage company that can produce a single Sandblasted Signs or multiple Sandblasted Signs to meet your demands for interior, outdoor, and promotional signage.

Call us right away at (972-961-3951) to schedule a free consultation with one of our Sandblasted Signs!

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