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Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

For those companies who require a contemporary and classy vibe, acrylic signs are a great option for you. An acrylic sign, which differs from typical glass signs in that it is made of a polymer that is colorless, transparent, and long-lasting, may also serve as a lighter and more cost-effective option.

You are able to offer your business a modern, up-to-date appearance that is congruent with your brand by having acrylic signs that have been professionally designed, fabricated, and installed by Texas Sign Company. We offer acrylic signs that are capable of satisfying a wide variety of requirements for company signage. Menu boards, navigation signs, room IDs, product displays, POP signs, hanging signage, lobby signs, and many more types of signs are all available to you.

Many Options for Acrylic Signs

There are variations in the quality of each acrylic sign. In spite of the fact that they may be fashioned for a diverse range of applications and perform a number of various functions, it is essential that they be manufactured in a manner that improves their efficiency and extends their useful life.

You may do this in a few different ways, one of which is to decide whether you prefer your design to be printed on the conventional surface of your acrylic sign or the subsurface of it. And Texas Sign Company has both the expertise and the tools necessary to do these tasks.

Clear & Frosted Signs

Because of their flawless transparency, rich high-gloss finish, and glass-like appearance, our clear acrylic signage may provide your company with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that is ideal for corporate settings. If you add a backdrop colour to the reverse side of the transparent acrylic, you may even make your sign seem to have depth by creating the illusion of three dimensions.

Our frosted acrylic signs are not completely see-through like our clear acrylic signs, but they do provide a degree of translucency to your sign. Frosted signs by The Texas Sign Company have a matte appearance, which makes them excellent for filtering strong light, minimizing glare, and providing a certain sense of seclusion. This effect exudes a sense of gentleness and serenity that may be most suited for your brand.

Indoor & Outdoor Signs

We do not fully appreciate the adaptability of acrylic signage. This cheaply cost, and very durable sign option may also be effectively employed outside, despite the fact that it is most often utilized for its capabilities to create signs for use inside.

Free Consultation For Acrylic Signs

Our experts would be pleased to develop eye-catching bespoke signage that fits both your business needs and your budget. This is due to their extensive experience, top-notch tools, and passion for providing you with the finest work.

For a Free-of-cost Consultation with a Signage Specialist, contact us right away at 972-961-3951

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