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Channel Letters

Channel Letters

A frequent style of lighted sign for storefronts and building exteriors is a channel letter. These letters are often fashioned from aluminum into the desired letter or symbol shape. Then, LED lights are used to backlight them, giving them a vibrant and striking appearance. When it comes to constructing signs, dimensional letters and channel letters are two of the most common and well-liked options. This holds true across all markets and kinds of companies.

Because of its adaptability and versatility, a channel letter sign may be modified to adhere to any brand requirements or personal design preferences that may be specified. We are able to build the ideal sign for you, regardless of whether you want a lighted sign, dimensional lettering on a flat surface, or a sign that is entirely tailored to your needs.

Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letter requests for storefront signs are the most common requests we get. They are 3-dimensional signs made from individually cut metal letters, numbers, symbols, or pictures that are precisely aligned and fastened to a supporting frame, such as a raceway sign, or may even be flush-mounted to your structure.

The channel itself is covered with a tough acrylic top that can be customized in any color or amount of transparency. Retail establishments, grocery shops, office buildings, malls, shopping centers, schools, manufacturing facilities, churches, and other businesses are the most common places to use channel letter signs.

Lighted Channel Letters

LED lights added to channel letter signs may truly make you stand out. This makes it possible for the sign to be clearly visible at night-time and in bad weather, drawing in new clients irrespective of the time or circumstances. We take care of every step of this procedure, including mounting the sign securely, installing the electrical components safely, and even cleaning up.

However, they may be used effectively by any company that wishes to stand out, including nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, bars, convenience stores, comedy clubs and petrol stations.

3D Channel Letters

Custom-made three-dimensional signs called channel letters are used to spell out a company’s name or message. They can be created in a variety of typefaces and designs, and LED lights can be used to light them. Usually made of aluminum, the letters can be painted in a number of hues. After that, they are fixed to a raceway, a box-like design that both stores the electrical parts and serves as a surface for attaching the letters.

Full Service Signage Company

Our team works day and night to provide you with the best services. For a variety of clients, including enterprises, organizations, and governmental entities, our signage company specializes in designing, producing, and installing signs. The Channel letters s we provide are designed, strategically planned, printed, and maintained by our team of artists, engineers, project managers, sign experts, and marketing professionals.

Free Consultation For Channel Letters Signs

Are you interested in finding the ideal Channel letters for your company? Give our signage experts a call. The expertise and understanding of our professionals in signage can assist you and give you a sense of how channel letter signs are able to improve traffic and sales of your company.

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