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Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are unlit writing or patterns that are applied to surfaces to produce raised pictures. They are also known as 3D letters or raised letters. To do this, they are constructed, cast, molded, or carved from solid material.

Dimensional writing is a wise decision for any organization, as The Texas Sign Company can confirm. No matter what kind of establishment you run—a restaurant, hospital, boutique, workplace, church, bank, etc.—our dimensional letters will look great there.

Dimensional Foam Letters

Foam dimensional letters are a specific kind of sign with letters or graphics that are elevated above the sign’s surface and are composed of a particular kind of foam. These letters are a well-liked option for temporary signs, trade fair displays, and exhibits since they are lightweight and simple to form. They can be painted in any color and can be cut into any size or form.

Foam dimensional letters have a low cost when compared to other materials, which is one of its key benefits. They can be mounted with screws or adhesive, making them simple to install as well. Additionally, they are portable and suitable for a range of occasions, including conventions, trade exhibitions, and transient marketing campaigns.

Attractive Storefront Signage

Dimensional letters are the ideal option for the storefront sign on your building due to their eye-catching attractiveness. They add depth and texture to your structure and give it a more upscale appearance. Another major benefit of dimensional letters is their adaptability.

They may be included in post and panel signs, monument signs, reader boards, and are often mounted directly to the exterior of your building. A common substitute for dimensional letters is channel letters.

Long-Lasting Dimensional Letters

Using various materials, The Texas Sign Company creates dimensional letters customized to your brand and company. For the substance of your dimensional letters, you may choose from metal, plastic, wood, and light foam.

The versatile material known as plastic comprises PVC, acrylic, plaques, and vinyl. Outdoor dimensional signs are a fantastic fit for plastic because of their strength and resilience to the elements.

Full Service Signage Company

For all of a client’s sign-related needs, from design and production to installation and maintenance, our signage business serves as a one-stop shop. Together with the client, we will develop a design, make the sign, and then place it where it is needed, making sure all rules and ordinances are followed. Additionally, we provide maintenance and repair services as needed for the sign.

Free Consultations For Channel Letter Signs

Our main goal is to assist clients who get in touch with us with creating and putting up an outstanding sign for their company.

You can schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts by giving us a call.

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