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ADA Signs

ADA Signs

Texas Sign Company is a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and installer of high-quality ADA signs that meet the requirements of the law as well as the needs of your business. The company has experience creating ADA signs that comply with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Our team of professionals in signing is here to assist your business in adhering to the rules and regulations that have been established. Whether you require signs with visual characters or braille, you can depend on us to provide them.

Signage for the Visually Impaired

Texas Sign Company ensures you have an ADA-compliant navigation room and signs identification signs since high-quality interior signage that meets ADA requirements is necessary. This makes it easier for customers and guests with disabilities to move about your facility safely and comfortably.

We create signs that are clear and simple to read since more than 2.5M Americans struggle with some kind of visual impairment. Using ADA signs with strong contrast is one approach. We also assist you in maintaining the coherence of your brand identity by giving you access to a broad range of colors, fonts, materials, and design components.

Legal Signage

In certain places, breaking accessibility laws is considered a civil rights infraction and is punishable by hefty penalties.

At Texas Sign Company, we shield our customers from the wrath of the law using commercial signage that complies with the law.

Texas Sign Company guarantees that we can provide ADA signage that meets with the very rigorous criteria established by the government since we are industry leaders in the production of ADA signs.

Complete Service Signage Business

In addition to creating ADA signs for you, Texas Sign Company will walk you through each stage of the sign-making process. We take care to impart our knowledge of signs to you, from design through material selection, manufacture, installation, and placement

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You shouldn’t accept generic, commonplace company signage for something as important as ADA compliance. It’s crucial to choose a sign supplier that is knowledgeable about ADA sign regulations and specifications. That is what Texas Sign Company is. Let’s discuss your requirements for company signs and the many options we have available to you.

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