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Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs

Simple, inexpensive, and incredibly effective for drawing attention to your company is hanging signs. They are often positioned perpendicular to the front of your building so that people passing by can quickly see your company name and perhaps learn more about the services you provide.

Maximizing the advertising potential of signage is one of the Texas Sign Company’s specialties. Our proficiency in font selection, size, color, and sign design as a whole ensures obvious identification and visibility even from a distance.

Attention-Grabbing Hanging Signs

Blade signs aren’t only for inns and bed-and-breakfasts; they may be charming and eye-catching as well. They may be customized by The Texas Sign Company to reflect your brand and convey your message.

They are purposefully positioned in front of your establishment to draw in guests and entice them inside. You may be certain to get the hanging sign that best symbolizes your distinctive identity thanks to the variety of materials we provide.

Indoor Hanging Signs

Hanging signs inside are equally as effective as those outside. Among its many functions are maintaining the consistency of your company’s brand identification and providing clients with the information they need while in your facility.

Made from Various Materials

Aluminum, PVC, acrylic, and other materials can all be used to create hanging signage. These signs can be either lighted or not, and graphics, text, and logos can all be included. Channel letters, lightboxes, and banner signs are the most often used hanging signage.

Full-Service Signage Company

For all of a client’s sign-related needs, from design and production to installation and maintenance, our signage business serves as a one-stop shop. Together with the client, we will develop a design, make the sign, and then place it where it is needed, making sure all rules and ordinances are followed. Additionally, we provide maintenance and repair services as needed for the sign.

Free Professional Hanging Sign Consultation

We can make stunning Hanging signs that support your objectives and help you get there. We are a local signage company that can produce a single or multiple hanging signs to meet your demands for interior, outdoor, and promotional signage.

Call us right away at  (972-961-3951) to schedule a free consultation with one of our Hanging Sign experts!

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