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Restaurant Signs

Restaurant Signs

The execution of your restaurant sign must take the aesthetics of the area into account, adhere to local requirements, and yet stand out. In any setting, our restaurant sign design team is skilled at overcoming these obstacles.

You want people to notice your logo whether you require mall signage or street corner signs for a fast-casual, casual, or fine-dining restaurant. You want a sizable restaurant sign that stands out from the competition and is colored like your brand.

Attractive Restaurant Signs

In the food service industry, restaurant signs are an essential component since they draw clients in and convey vital information about the establishment. They can appear in a variety of ways, including menu boards, window signage, and lighted signs.

Menu Board Restaurant Signs

Another crucial kind of restaurant signage is the menu board, which aids patrons in navigating the menu and selecting their meals. They can include pictures, prices, and descriptions of menu items and can be exhibited on walls or on freestanding boards. Additionally, some restaurants use digital menu boards, which are more flexible and easy to update when showing different menu items or offers.

Perfect for Branding

Our restaurant signs are perfect for branding, and you can even customize one by choosing your choice of colors, font or style. The best thing about our signs is that they are reasonable.

Full-Service Signage Company

We can assist with signage design, sign production, and installation whether you’re installing a new restaurant sign at your next site or rebranding 1,000 restaurants throughout the country. We’ve taken on projects of every scale in almost every national jurisdiction.

No matter the scale of the project, The Texas Sign Company offers you customer-facing brand implementation. With efficient project management, survey and internal permits, and a strategy for sign maintenance, we’ll get it done correctly.

Free Professional Restaurant Signs Consultation

We can make stunning Restaurant Signs that support your objectives and help you get there. We are a local signage company that can produce a single Restaurant Signs or multiple Restaurant Signs to meet your demands for interior, outdoor, and promotional signage.

Call us right away at (972-961-3951) to schedule a free consultation with one of our Fleet Wrap experts!

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