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Coronavirus Signage

Coronavirus Signage

Regardless of the kind of organization, using the right combination of graphics and signage can significantly increase your company’s profitability, particularly as we prepare for COVID-19. Your distinctive signage promotes successful and secure company operations by assisting customers with intuitive navigation and ensuring the safety of your staff in work locations.

Not only do we design signage, but we also have a thorough understanding of how strategically placed signs and graphics may direct traffic through a facility, assist or safeguard your team, and advance marketing and brand awareness.

Guiding Hospital Signs

Both incoming patients and nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals must know how to correctly navigate and engage with your hospital when presented with a healthcare emergency scenario involving the coronavirus, especially Covid-19.

Before your patient even enters the hospital, functional navigation aid, instructions, and safety alarms must be provided. Hospital signs, graphics, and wayfinders are crucial because they have the ability to reduce interaction.

Social-Distancing Signs

In order to assist stop the transmission of the coronavirus, social distancing indicators are used to encourage people to keep a safe distance from one another (COVID-19). They can be applied in a range of contexts, including as workplaces, public areas, and healthcare facilities.

Nursing Signage

It’s crucial that hospital personnel and residents be knowledgeable of how to navigate your facility during a national medical emergency like Covid-19. Before a patient ever enters the healthcare center, there has to be clear navigational help, directions, and cautions.

For this reason, wayfinders, signage, and graphics for nursing homes are crucial. Effective signage helps to provide services more quickly, serves as a helpful reminder to follow healthy habits, and reduces the likelihood of sickness spreading further by limiting physical contact.

Full-Service Signage Company

We have been a local signage supplier for a long time, and the many happy customers we have will attest to the fact that we are confident in the support we give. Working with a full-service sign company has its advantages since we don’t only supply you with tablecloths, signs, and banners.

We share our expertise, know-how, and years of experience with you throughout the whole sign-making process.

Call us right away to schedule a free consultation with one of our banner experts!

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